Robert’s first official job was in 1984 at Auto Glow Car Wash in Carpentersville, IL. He got hands-on experience in management, mechanics and chemistry in a facility washing 140,000 cars per year with line speeds up to 160 cars/hr. While working for Erie Brush in the early 90’s, Robert was exposed to a large variety of car wash operations and he continued to grow his understanding of operators’ needs.

As an offshoot of Erie, Robert formed the Simply Solutions Corporation in 1994 with a few chemical formulations and a vision. In the last 20 years, Simply Solutions has outgrown its facilities twice, expanded its offering to over one thousand products and developed long lasting relationships with customers whose loyalty he earned.



Phil climbed the corporate ladder at Motorola in the 90’s during its heyday providing engineering and marketing leadership to the industry as cellular networks just started weaving together and cable modems just started taking off. One of his first great achievements was leading a team to design and deploy the nation’s first digital cellular network and as part of that he sent the first SMS text message on a live domestic system. Phil’s University of Illinois Engineering education was invaluable during this and many other chapters, but he didn’t stop there. After attending the University of Chicago and getting his MBA, Phil led a team in launching the first Cable Modem network in the United States and then left Motorola to work for Compaq and Hewlett Packard to continue his climb. In the early 2000’s Phil left corporate high-tech to start a real estate development business and in 2010 moved on to provide technical solutions and process innovation to home health care operations. Simply Solutions is proud to have Phil as one of our leaders and part of our team.




Anthony has been part of the Simply Solutions team for over a decade. His attention to detail, tireless devotion to customer service, high level thinking and extremely hard work is an incredible asset to Simply Solutions and our valued customers. From initial contact through order delivery, Anthony ensures the highest quality customer experience and gets the job done right. We are proud to have Anthony as part of our Simply Solutions family. He is also fluent in Spanish, can effectively communicate with your Spanish speaking employees and is happy to help in any way he can to render the highest level of service to our customers.


our business philosophy


Descended from two generations of car wash professionals, Robert practically grew up in a car wash. His grandfather started Erie Brush Company more than 60 years ago and his father, Dan Pecora, grew it into what it is today. As a hallmark of Pecora determination, Dan still runs it today and Robert brings that well-taught determination and leadership to Simply Solutions.

Simply Solutions is a locally owned and operated company and we are here to serve. We understand the value of a quality product and working hard for our customers. We don’t just view you as customers we can sell products to, but as partners with whom we can build relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We continually strive to innovate and work hard to deliver the highest quality products and solutions at a competitive price. We understand helping you be successful gives us the opportunity to grow with you and we will go the extra mile to earn your trust and satisfaction.